Tu es un #portgeek et tu parles français ? Ce cours est pour toi !

L'attente est terminée : nous avons enfin lancé notre premier cours entièrement réalisé en français. Rejoins Eric Boschman pour un voyage en 5 épisodes dans le Douro et découvre la production, les styles, les traditions (et aussi quelques curiosités !) du vin de Porto - toujours avec un zeste de bonne humeur, bien sûr.

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Learn about port and the Douro at your own pace using our new 16-episode video series hosted by our port educator Isabel Monteiro.

The Masters

The Masters is an in-depth 5 episode video course that explores the production, ageing, and bottling of the different styles of port, with guest speakers providing first-hand experience and unique insight into their craft.

By taking this course, you will learn about the process of fermentation and fortification in great detail; hear from those directly involved in producing and ageing Ruby, Tawny and Bottle-Matured Ports; and gain insight into how the different port styles are blending and bottled.

The Masters is School of Port's most advanced and comprehensive online video course to date.

Workshops for Wine Trade Professionals

Are you a wine trade professional? Would you like to level up your staff's knowledge on port wine & the Douro?


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