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A new educational initiative for wine professionals and wine lovers. Discover the wonders of Port and the Douro! Brought to you by the Port-mad people at Symington Family Estates.
Coming soon: The Essentials video course

Learn about port and the Douro at your own pace using our 18-episode video series hosted by our port educator Isabel Monteiro. Join us on this exciting journey and immerse yourself in the key topics about port, including: the history, terroir, sustainable initiatives, ageing process, serves, cocktails, pairings and much more!

Training and workshops
Our training modules can be delivered online or in-person by a professional Port wine educator.
School of Port — The Essentials
Our first training module is a short workshop for wine trade professionals, including people working in distributors, retailers, and bars/restaurants.
This module can be delivered online or in-person by a professional port wine educator.
Course contents:
  • 1. Port in the 21st century
  • 2. The history of port
  • 3. The Douro Valley
  • 4. The vintage
  • 5. Port ageing
  • 6. Port styles
  • 7. How to serve (and store) port
  • 8. Port pairings
  • 9. How to sell port (on-trade)
  • 10. How to sell port (off-trade)
School of Port is an educational initiative from Symington Family Estates, premium port producers in the Douro for five generations since 1882.

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